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Our blog ‘Nourishing Thoughts’ keeps families informed on current nutrition news, fun kid-friendly nutrition tips to encourage healthy food, nutrition, and exercise choices, nutrition articles, and interactive tools for parents. Our healthy nutrition blog is for parents, teachers, and everyone who is interested in kids' health and nutrition.

Often, we will have weekly themes about healthy habits.  The topic is discussed on Mondays, we follow up with a fun informative infographic that provides key facts about the topic, finishing up on Friday with some great materials and resources to use to bring that topic to home, school or wherever you are working with children to promote healthier habits! Enjoy.

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About Maggie

I am a nurse and a mother of two.  I am also the founder of Nourish Interactive. I am very concerned about the health and well being of our children.  I started the Nourishing Thoughts Blog so that I could help parents keep up on the latest trends in children’s nutrition and exercise. 

I know that much like reading and writing is the foundation for learning, nutrition is the foundation for healthy children.  But with so many new studies, products and trends constantly being reported it is hard to keep up.  I just want to make it a little easier for parents by doing some of the legwork and providing you with up to date information.

Dec 19, 2008

Holiday food savings tips- grocery shopping on a budget

It's an expensive time of the year and when you add on the current state of the economy, many of us are looking for ways to cut costs. But at the same time, the holiday season is family time with all the festivities we want to continue to enjoy.I put...
Dec 17, 2008

Family Nutrition Tips- Fruit and Vegetable Juicing For Kids Health

Juicing is becoming very popular as a way to get a healthy dose of nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables. Juicing is the process of separating the the liquid from the fiber, consuming only the liquid from the fruit or vegetable.There is no doubt ...
Dec 15, 2008

Kids nutrition education website survey- share your opinions- enter to win an electric juice machine!

Hi everyone. We started this website to reach out to children and parents with the goal of providing online nutrition education tools and resources to help improve kids health and teach children about the importance of nutrition and exercise. Since ...
Dec 15, 2008

Healthy Monday: Eat before you grocery shop

Mondays are a great day to renew Family Health vows. Every Monday, you will find some healthy tip to help your family start the week off on a Healthy Note!It's that time when we have to grocery shop more often for holiday parties, school events and fam...
Dec 12, 2008

What does your Nutrition Ad say to your child?

There has been a great deal of press over a new study released this month by the National Bureau of Economic Research claiming that a US ban on fast food advertisements during children's TV time would reduce the number of overweight children. According...
Dec 10, 2008

Texting a food diary makes sense whatever works, that is key!

I was trying to avoid discussing this but since I keep seeing excerpts on this study, I feel remiss not mentioning it. A study done by University of North Carolina showed that kids aged 5 to 13 (I know, isn't 5 a little young??) are almost twice as lik...
Dec 08, 2008

Healthy Monday: Send holiday desserts home with your guests

Mondays are a great day to renew Family Health vows. Every Monday, you will find some healthy tip to help your family start the week off on a Healthy Note!Having a holiday party at your house. Send all the gooey dessert leftovers home with your guests ...
Dec 08, 2008

Family nutrition tips: Brain food for the kids and parents

What are the foods your children need to keep them alert and those brains developing and help keep parent's brains alert and our memory intact: Foods high in folate: orange juice, green vegetables, cantaloupes and whole grain foods Foods with cholin...
Dec 05, 2008

Rachel Ray yum-O website gives the nod to Nourish Interactive nutrition website

Nourish Interactive's website was featured on Rachel Ray's nonprofit website Yum-O in their "How Cool is That" section. The "HOW COOL IS THAT" recognizes organizations that make a difference. I am very excited and honored to be recognized by her org...
Dec 04, 2008

Desperate Housewives struggles with healthy food choices

Ohhh Gabrielle, how she made us all laugh with her sudden realization that she needed to lose weight quickly before Carlos could regain his sight. But a common trap we all fall into is the quick fix and the lack of the "big picture".Wasn't it just a fe...
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