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Desperate Housewives struggles with healthy food choices

Posted on Dec 04, 2008 by Maggie LaBarbera

Ohhh Gabrielle, how she made us all laugh with her sudden realization that she needed to lose weight quickly before Carlos could regain his sight. But a common trap we all fall into is the quick fix and the lack of the "big picture".

Wasn't it just a few weeks ago that she realized that her daugher was overweight when she couldn't find a dress that fit her for the princess party. Really, she only has to open her eyes a bit wider to see that, in reality, the whole family is overweight.

Her realization of this might have led to a different goal, getting the whole family in shape and eating healthier. But before I go on, I just have to mention, (yes, I have done it, so I raise my hand and confess too) the dinner scene. Classic, wasn't it?

Could you just see the dread in the children's eyes as they formed their subconscious associations with "healthy food". Healthy eating associated with "bland food, sacrifice, yuck, when can I get some good food, mommy is mad, mommy is frustrated...and it goes on.

This is what we they are learning as children, what their parents show them about food. So how could have Gabby tackled this differently?

These are just ideas and suggestions, I know with the juggle of work, home, husband, can seem like just one more daunting task, but ohhhh so worth it!


  • sit down as a family and talk about the importance of the whole family getting healthy together, a family event
  • create small goals, not huge sacrificial goals, but ones that are doable.. (remember, small changes do add up)
  • make a family goal and determine where to post your tracking sheet
  • talk about ideas, the kids might have many (you'd be surprised!) that the family can do to accomplish the goal
  • dinner, use the meal as opportunity for some fun bonding time. Let the kids help in deciding the meal and look for meals that are delicious. Healthy eating does not have to be bland tasting fish and vegetables.
  • let the kids be involved in the kitchen
  • enjoy the meal together
Here is the big thing. We have to change the mindset about healthy eating. And it starts with our own perceptions. We need to have kids associate healthy eating with "fun, tasty, I had fun when I got to cook with mom or dad, memorable family moments, laughter, smiles as you picked reipes,...."

As they grow up, their food associations will drive many of their food choices. Ask yourself, what do you think when you hear the words "healthy foods"?



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Monday, Dec 15, 2008 @ 04:43 AM

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