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Teacher Lesson Plan - Learn About The Food Groups And Create Balanced Meals

Apr 30, 2008
About this Lesson Plan
  • Subject: Health/ Nutrition/ Computer skills
  • Duration: 20-30 minutes
  • Grades: 2-5
  • Ages: 6-13
  • Reading Levels: Basic
  • Prerequisite Knowledge and Skills: Basic knowledge of the My Plate or Food Pyramid, Basic computer & mouse skills, Hand-eye coordination

Bon Appetite Arcade Lesson Plan

Topic/task Objective Domain and Level
Reinforce Food Groups
Students will determine what food group
each food belongs to.
Cognitive – Evaluation
Promote balanced meal 
Students will combine foods to create a
balanced meal.
Cognitive – Synthesis
Students will explain what makes a
balanced meal.
Cognitive - Comprehension
Bon Appetite Arcade Game:
This is a timed game using the mouse to shoot forks at food items.
  • Aim at the flying foods and try to fork a food from each food group.
  • Forking a food from a group that has already been added to the meal loses points.
When the level begins, the child is presented with an empty plate. The child uses their mouse to shoot forks at the food flying across the screen, attempting to fork a food from each of the food groups to create a balanced meal. The child will attempt to create as many balanced meals as possible before the time limit runs out.
Computer and Internet access, the latest Flash and Shockwave players installed, download free from Adobe
Teaching Tips:

Have the student review the Interactive Food Pyramid or My Plate.

  1. Have the students come up with their favorite foods and write them on a board.
  2. Have the students group the food foods together so that they create a balanced meal.
  3. Discuss what makes each meal balanced.
  4. Guide the students to Bon Appetite Arcade where they will attempt to create as many balanced meals as they can.
Present a group of meals, some balanced, some not. Have the students identify which meals are balanced with a food from every food group. For the meals that are not balanced, have the students explain what the meal is missing and come up with an alternative food that will make the meal balanced. 
Variation: Have the students write down what they had for dinner the night before or for lunch that day. Ask them to determine if they ate a balanced meal. If not, what can they added to their meal to make it balanced?

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