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Lesson Plan Level 6: Learning about the Protein Food Group

Feb 20, 2009
About this Lesson Plan
  • Subject: Health/Nutrition/Computer skills
  • Duration: 20-30 minutes
  • Grades: K-5
  • Ages: 5-13
  • Reading Levels: Basic
  • Prerequisite Knowledge and Skills: Basic computer & mouse skills, Hand-eye coordination

Chef Solus' Food Pyramid Adventure

Level 6: Learning about the Meat and Beans Food Group

Topic/task Objective  Domain and Level
Promote healthy eating
Students will combine foods to create a
balanced meal from each of the food
Student will select foods to place on
their plate.
Cognitive – Synthesis
Affective – Responding
Introduce, define and
reinforce the relationship
between food,exercise and
Students will use the energy bar to
determine the characters food and
exercise needs.
Cognitive – Comprehension
Cognitive – Knowledge
Cognitive – Evaluation
Promote healthy
nutrition messages
Students will listen/read Chef Solus’
explanation about the Meat and Beans  Group.
Affective – Receiving
Introduce, define and
reinforce the Meat and
Beans  Groups
Students will select the correct foods
that are part of the Meat and Beans  Group.
Students will classify the food group
based on the puzzle’s color and identify
the healthy message.
Students will determine which foods
belongs to the Meat and Beans group.
Cognitive – Comprehension
Cognitive - Comprehension
Cognitive – Knowledge
Cognitive – Evaluation
Promote enjoyment
of nutrition
Students will see the character move
through an animated food pyramid.
Affective – Receiving
Reinforce mouse
Students will align the mouse with the
correct answer and click to select.
Students will select images to complete
puzzles using the mouse to click and
Psychomotor - Coordination
Reinforce keyboard
Students will use the arrow keys and
spacebar to move the characters and
dodge obstacles.

Psychomotor - Coordination




Meat and Beans Group:

In this level, the character travels through the Meat and Bean Group section of the food pyramid while learning about the importance of the Meal and Bean group, how to create a balanced meal, select a healthy snack and use the keyboard and mouse.

Required Tasks
To complete the level, students must travel
through the Protein Passage, Bean Basin and
Lean Lane and:
• Find all nine information stations
• Create three balanced meals
• Select healthy snacks
• Complete three puzzles
• Complete one cooking assignment
• Dodge worms, steam blasts, candy striped
mummies, flying bats, jumping frogs and
floating globs.
Key Game Information and Nutrition Concepts the student will learn while in the
Information Station in the Meat and Beans Level:
1. Meat and Beans Group
The meats and beans group includes foods like hamburgers, chicken, fish, eggs, beans and nuts.
2. Servings
You need about 5 ounces from the meat and beans group every day.
3. Lean Meat
Try to eat leaner, less fatty meats.
4. Protein
The meats and beans group provides lots of protein which is good for growing healthy muscles and giving you energy.
5. Vary Your Meats
Remember to vary your meat choices. Fish, beans, peas, nuts or seeds are healthy and
6. Eat Lean Meats
Too many high fat meats can be bad for your heart, try lean meats like chicken.
Materials needed for nutrition lesson:
Computer and Internet access, the latest Flash and Shockwave players installed, download free from Adobe


Teaching Tips:

Have the student review the Proteins group from the Interactive Food Pyramid.


  1. Hand out the Proteins Group informational sheet to the class.  (Or choose one from our complete list of My Pyramid Sheets)
  2. Review the Proteins food group, benefits of the Proteins food groups and what foods fall into the Protein food group.
  3. Have the students make a list of their favorite recipes and foods and see how they fit into the Proteins group. This can be done as a group discussion for younger students.
  4. Guide the students to Chef Solus and the Food Pyramid Adventure Game.  They will need to log in.  They will start at level six  in the Protein Section of the Food Pyramid where they will learn about the Protein Group and learn healthy message about it.


Have the kids take the post test at the end of the level.  You will be able to see their scores if you want by clicking on their name in the table on your class' login screen.  
Provide them with the Proteins Group Activity Sheet and/or see how the Proteins group fits onto the My Plate Coloring Sheet (perfect for the younger kids) for an in class activity or a homework assignment.
Print and distribute the food pyramid themed certificates of completion for Level 6.  Kids can also log in at home and print their own certificate which is available on their log in page.
Send home Parents Handouts for Level 6 with at home activities to reinforce the key messages the child has just learned playing level 6 of the Chef Solus and the Food Pyramid Adventure Game.



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