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Nutrition Lesson Plan - Reading Food Labels

Mar 03, 2009
About this Lesson Plan
  • Subject: Health/Nutrition/ Computer skills
  • Duration: 20-30 minutes
  • Grades: 2-5
  • Ages: 6-13
  • Reading Levels: Intermediate
  • Prerequisite Knowledge and Skills: Basic computer & mouse skills, Hand-eye coordination

Food Labels Lesson Plan

Topic/task Objective Domain and Level
Promote healthy food
Students will listen/read the health
messages associated with each part of the
food label.
Affective – Receiving
Cognitive - Comprehension
Understand food labels
provide information on
food and nutrients.
Students will identify the different
nutrients found on the food label.
Cognitive – Knowledge
Teach children to
compare nutrition
information found on
food labels.
Students will compare nutrients between
two or more food labels.
Cognitive – Evaluation
Students will determine the amount of
specific nutrients on a food label.
Cognitive – Evaluation
Students will identify the food label that 
contains the correct amount of nutrients to
answer the question.
Cognitive – Knowledge
Cognitive – Analysis
Ride the Food Label Game:
This is an online Food Label tutorial and quiz game. The tutorial has full audio support to help young readers learn about nutrition labels. By using the mouse to scroll over the various parts of the food label, Chef Solus appears and explains the importance of each part. Children can read along with Chef Solus.
The tutorial is followed by an optional quiz. The quiz is divided into three rounds in which questions are asked about the food label(s) and the student must use their mouse to click on their answer. If the student selects the wrong food label, the correct answer will be given.
  • Round 1: Quiz requires the student to select a specific part on the food label to ensure they understand the different parts of the food label.
  • Round 2: Quiz requires the student to compare the food label to answer question about the nutrients found on the food label.
  • Round 3: Final quiz simulates real life use with a virtual grocery scene where the student must select up to three food items and click and drag the food item into their grocery cart. Food labels must be compared to answer questions.
Upon completion of the test, a score is provided. If the student scores 70% or greater of the questions correctly, they will see a mini animation.
Computer and Internet access, the latest Flash and Shockwave players installed, download free from Adobe
Teaching Tips:
Have the student review the following nutrition vocabulary words in the Nutrition Dictionary 
Added Salt, Calcium, Calorie, Cholesterol, Fiber, Food labels, Polyunsaturated Fats, Protein, Serving Size, Sodium, Trans Fat, Unsaturated Fats, Vitamins
  1. Have students list packaged foods they like to eat.
  2. Have students list the reasons they choose one food instead of another.
  3. Discuss how they can make food choices that are healthy for their bodies by reading food labels.
  4. Guide the students to Ride the Food Label Game where they will learn to understand the food and nutrient information on the different sections of food labels and how to compare food label facts.
Have the students cut-out and bring to school food labels from packaged food items that are in their home. (With their parents’ permission, of course).  You can also use our printable food label samples.
Have the students trade food labels with their classmates so that each student has 2 food labels. 
Have the student use their food labels to fill out the Printable - Compare Food Labels Worksheet

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Written on Mar 03, 2009Last updated on Aug 01, 2012




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