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Kids’ Exercise And Daily Activity - Promote an Active Family









Nourishing Advice for a Healthy Family

 We all know that being active and daily exercise are a necessary part of a healthy child's life.   With so much technology available to children, it is easy for them to develop sedentary habits.  Doing exercise doesn't have to be a chore.  We have creative ways to find time for activity that will promote a healthy child!  Our dietitians have tips and tricks to help you get the whole family moving. Our goal is to help your family get started now and have fun!  

For The Kids:  You can also find games, stories and activities for promoting healthy choices to children in the fun kids nutrition section.

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Television Advertisements And Kids Facts

How many advertisements are your children actually seeing? Food marketing is a powerful means to influence your child's eating habits. Here are some facts about the food marketing industry and how they are target your children.

Celebrate National ‘Turn Off TV Week’ Every April and September

Celebrate a national screen free week by turning off the TV for an entire week! Not sure you can do it? Use these parenting tips and tools for making a screen free week a fun family event!

Get the Kids Involved in National Screen Free Week

National Screen Free Week celebration starts with healthy tips that parents can use during this week. Facts about kids tv time is also included.

Let's Get Active In Halloween

Halloween does not have to be all about candy. There are plenty of ways to promote a healthy Halloween by making just a few changes to your child's routine. Follow these simple steps to use Halloween fun family time as active time for the whole family.
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