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Celebrate National ‘Turn Off TV Week’ Every April and September

Michelle Mirizzi • MS, Registered Dietitian • Apr 23, 2009

TV-Turn Off Week has been celebrated for several years and with great success!
Turning off the television is a great way to reflect back at the end of the week and realize how much time television detracts the whole family from more productive activities. Take a healthy break from television and re-focus on activities such as reading a book, exercising or playing a game with the whole family.
Need some fun ideas of activities kids can do when the TV is turned off!

Celebrate National TV Screen Free Week

It is important as parents to be a good role model. If you spend all your free time in front of the TV, your child won’t know any better. We encourage your whole family to participate in this experience by leaving your television sets off for the entire week. Take it one step further with your child and write this pledge for your child to sign and hang up on the refrigerator.
“I pledge to stop watching television for a full week”

national screen free week  for children
 Printable TV Pledge- Family and Kids Turn Off TV Week
It might be hard at first! If your television is usually always on, you might hear things and notice things you never did before. The dog snores or the door squeaks. If your child is bored, let their creative juices start flowing and they will be able to entertain themselves.
Provide options for your child during the week. Have crafts and board games available or get outside and run around with your child to give them something else to do besides watching television.
Make a long term goal to limit your child's TV time to 2 hours a day.
Print our Limiting Kids TV Time Agreement Pledge Sheet
Don’t forget to help your child track their television viewing hours and set healthier goals.  Reducing Kids TV Time Weekly Tracking Chart  - a free coloring printable for your child to fill out to help reduce their daily TV hours and an easy way for parents to track and monitor their television program choices.










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Written by Michelle MirizziWritten on Apr 23, 2009Last updated on Mar 11, 2014




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