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Let's Get Active In Halloween

Anne Kolker • MS, Registered Dietitian • Oct 01, 2011

It's Halloween time and the kids are excited to go trick or treating.  And maybe you are too!  

When kids think about Halloween, they think about all the candy they will be getting.  But it also offers some other great benefits that kids may not think of.  It is time for the family to walk together.

Walking is a great, easy and no cost exercise that the family can do together. This Halloween can be a chance to get the family started on a little evening walk routine.

What a fun way to have the kids develop the habit of walking after dinner!  It really is a great way to help digestion and burn some extra calories.  So enjoy this Halloween walk!


Make Halloween A Time To Be Active

Halloween is not just about the treats! Halloween is a great time to enjoy being active.
  • Active kids during Halloween promote walkingThe cool weather that comes along with the fall season is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the outdoors as a family.
  • Take advantage of the beautiful foliage and collect orange, red and yellow leaves. Make a decorate wreath or paste leaves on construction paper to decorate the house.
  • During October visit a local pumpkin patch and pick your own pumpkins and gourds. Many pumpkin patch locations have other activities such as corn mazes, haunted houses, and hay rides. Pack up some sandwiches and spend the day!
  • Enjoy walking instead of driving to nearby stores to shop for Halloween costumes.
  • Join your kids and enjoy walking through the neighborhood or malls to look at Halloween decorations.

It is not hard to make Halloween a healthy and fun event with just a bit of planning. Candy is part of Halloween but it does not have to be the only part of Halloween. The autumn season offers so many wonderful opportunities for families to make healthy eating, nutrition and being active a priority. 









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Written by Anne KolkerWritten on Oct 01, 2011Last updated on Sep 23, 2014




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