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Chef Solus and The Explorers have a Healthy Halloween!

It was such a fun Halloween night. I took all the explorers trick-or-treating. We went house to house in our costumes. Some houses gave us candy and other houses gave us mini toys, coins and trading cards.
Everyone was very excited to get home and see all the treats that they had gotten. As we walked into our tent, I reminded everyone, “Don’t forget, I have to check all the candy first before you can eat any.”
It is important that I check the candy first because some candy might need to be thrown out if it was not wrapped properly. Once I finished checking the candy and getting rid of candy that did not look good, I gave back to each explorer their bag of candy to divide up.
Explorers know that it is best to divide up their candy to be eaten over several days. We use small baggies and put 2 or 3 pieces of candy into a bag. Then we put our name and day on it. This way we make Halloween last for several days!
All the explorers had begun to put their treats in piles on the table. I could hear the girls giggling and the boys laughing. “Wow” squealed Elena, “look what I got! I got some trading cards and four quarters. And look at all this candy I collected!” Elena grabbed a bunch of candy in her hands and threw it up in the air. They all laughed.
Jasmine showed her goodies. “Ooooh, I love this cute little pencil with a witch eraser. It is so cute. I am going to divide up the candy into two piles. One pile for candy I don’t like and one pile for candy I do like!”
Tony gathered up his candy and treats. “I don’t care about the candy. I just like picking my costume and getting all dressed up! I am going to give most of my candy away”
Tyler laughed, “You are funny! I love candy! How come you don’t like candy?” Tony said, “I don’t know. But I love Halloween!”
Alex and Kevin were busy separating all their candy into “keep” and “don’t keep” piles. And making a pile of any mini toys, trading cards or other non-candy stuff! “Wow, I think this is the most candy I ever got!” said Alex.
Katlin and Ashley were very quiet. They did not say a word. They seemed to be putting their candy in one big pile. Then Tony noticed that they were actually eating all their candy. That is why they were so quiet!
Tony walked over to them. “Katlin and Ashley, you aren’t supposed to eat all your candy. Aren’t you going to divide it up so you can have make Halloween last for many days?”
Ashley and Katlin looked at each other. Katlin said, “Oh, we didn’t think about that. We just saw all our favorite candies and wanted to eat them now.” “Oh no, I don’t have any favorite candies left,” said Ashley very disappointed.
Later that night, I heard Ashley and Katlin moaning because their stomachs were hurting. I made them some green tea and gave them each a hug. I was sad that they decided to eat all their candy at once and now had a stomachache.
For the next week, all the explorers except Ashley and Katlin enjoyed their goodies throughout the week. Katlin and Ashley wished they had divided up their candies like everyone else, so they could have a special Halloween treat for the whole week!
Ashley looked at Katlin and said, “Next Halloween, I am not going to eat a bunch of candy all at once. I learned my lesson, I am going to make my Halloween treats last for a long time!”
Happy Halloween. See you next month. And don’t forget to keep exploring!
Explorers make Halloween last by dividing up their treats!


Eat one orange vegetable every day! Pumpkins, squash, carrots, sweet potatoes and yams are full of Vitamin A.
The largest pumpkin pie ever made weighed over 350 pounds!








This time of year is when most of the leaves change colors outside to shades of red, orange and yellow. Can you find any fruits and vegetables in your kitchen that have the same bright colors such as winter squash, apples or pumpkins? Next time you and a grown up go to the grocery store, walk around the produce aisle and count how many different types of apples you can find. Look at the variety of colors, textures and sizes as well.


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