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Senator Gillibrand proposes ban on trans fats in schools

Posted on Aug 07, 2009 by Maggie LaBarbera

It always amazes me that we have to pass a law (and all the politics that entails) to do what is obvious common sense.

I read today the Senator Gellibrand is introducing a bill to help fight childhood obesity. The bill will:

  • ban trans fats in meals served by schools that receive federal funding
  • USDA would regulate all foods offered in school, banning soda and candy from vending machines
  • increase the amount per meal by 70 cents so they can afford more nutritious foods
  • the law, if passed, would give schools 5 years to comply
Hello! We know trans fats are really bad for you. So bad for your heart that the USDA recommends less than 1 gram be in your diet. Actually 0 grams is the goal. This came out in 2005!

I do applaud Senator Gillibrand's bill if this is the only way to have our kids get foods without trans fats (in school).

But, I ask myself, why do we need a law to get passed- shouldn't the schools just demand foods that are not made with trans fats? Can't they fire their food vendor if they will not comply and hire one that gives them foods without trans fats? Won't vendors provide what consumers (in this case- the schools) demand?

And why do we give them 5 years to comply. That is five years of kids eating foods we know are absolutely bad for your heart.

I say, write your senator! But that doesn't help your kids today. Find out what kind of foods your child is being provided in your child's school. (by the way, another word for trans fat is hydrogenated fats or oils)

Better yet, if you can, send them a home made lunch.

Share your opinion - leave a comment to let us know what you think about school nutrition policy and the new bill.


Find your senator's contact information

Does your child's school have a Wellness policy?

Healthy lunch ideas (at the bottom of article)



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Friday, Aug 07, 2009 @ 09:09 AM

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I praise Senator Gillibrand for watching out for our kids. There is some much bad stuff our kids are being fed at our schools and at home it shocking to me. If really new the long term effects of this stuff, All parents would be outraged! Thanks for the article

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