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Fast Foods

Aug 15, 2008

Eating healthy during family fun time

Families are on the road for a short drive and an enjoyable "staycation" during the last couple of weeks before school starts. With gas being so expensive, many families are opting out of the usual big travel plans and driving shorter distances for fam...
Aug 06, 2008

Which restaurants got the bad grades?

Here is the update on the report just published on top 13 restaurant chains and the calories in the kids meals. The benchmark was 430 calories. Meals offered to children should not exceed this amount for one sitting (one meal) based on the recommended ...
Aug 06, 2008

Restaurant chains offer limited healthy choices for kids

What's the buzz this week? A nonprofit organization has released a report about the calories in kids meals! From the top 13 chain restaurants. The report card was not too good for most of these restaurants. But really, are you surprised? 93% of ...
Jul 30, 2008

Can we make a difference against the big food advertisers?

A new report just out from the Federal Trade Commission reports big dollars spent on advertising to kids. Food companies spent about 1.6 billion, or yeah, billion dollars marketing mostly high fat and high sugar foods to kids. This includes market...
Jul 07, 2008

Burger King launches new foods for kids

Burger King is going green and introducing a new healthier kids meal. Well, I am not a big supporter of fast foods but when they try to do something good, well you gotta give 'em some props.Burger King will be launching this month: a recycleable me...
Jun 02, 2008

Some Florida parents don't like health report cards

Florida parents are now receiving a health report on their child using a BMI score to measure if the child is at a healthy weight. In Florida, parents received health report cards that were based on their child's BMI age-to-percentile score. To ...
May 25, 2008

Millions of kids get out and walk

This annual event is designed to remind kids of the importance of exercise.This year, May 8th was the annual ACES (All children exercise simultaneously) event. Millions of children in the United States and from over 50 countries were supposed to parta...
May 14, 2008

Should fast foods be banned from neighborhoods?

A study that looks at the environment and how neighborhoods with fast foods might be affecting our eating habits.Neighborhoods with fast food restaurants in it are associated with higher counts of diabetes and obesity. How much does our environment rea...
May 07, 2008

Eating can be healthy, fun family event.

Restaurants are evaluated for healthy food choices.It's nice to go out to eat with the kids and of course then there's no clean up, which is also a perk. But it can be good family time, something the kids remember. But picking the right restaurant ca...
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