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Can you say "Please don't pass the salt"

Posted on Feb 28, 2014 by Maggie LaBarbera

As we leave February, day of National Heart Month, and we enter March, National Nutrition Month, I thought it fitting to say a few words about salt.

I chose salt because too much salt is associated with high blood pressure leading to heart disease and part of a healthy meal is choosing foods lower in sodium (salt).  

Here are some facts that may surprise you: 

  • Most Americans eat double the amount of recommended salt (sodium)
  • The average daily sodium intake for Americans age 2 years and older is more than 3,400 mg.*
  • Our body needs sodium (salt) to function properly so I am not saying you don't need some salt in your diet.  
  • Research shows a strong dose-dependent relationship between consuming too much salt and raised levels of blood pressure—as sodium intake increases, so does blood pressure for most people*

Check out our nutrient tool and see exactly how much sodium you and your child actually need.

Some tips from our dietitian: Enjoy Your Food with Less Salt and Sugar

The saltiest foods come from:

  • breads and rolls
  • cold cuts and cured meat
  • pizza
  • poultry
  • soup
  • sandwiches

I found this great infographic developed by the American Heart Association and like I always say, a picture is worth a thousand words!

six salty foods






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