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Keep your family healthy and avoid summer weight gain with these easy healthy kids' tips

Posted on May 25, 2009 by Maggie LaBarbera

Help your child avoid summertime weight gain.

A study found that kids body mass index increased during summer break.

It's not too hard to figure out why kids may be gaining weight over summer. And it is probably the result of several factors, not just one. Without the structure and routine of school, it is easy for eating and activity habits to change.

Here are some watch outs for family:

  • Kids may become more sedentary over summer, watching more TV and playing video games for longer periods
    • Limit TV and video game time.
    • Try to have some agreed upon times so that there is room for other activities
    • Create a list of fun activities you can do as a family and plan a couple for each week
  • Families may eat more fast food or take-out
    • Plan your meals ahead and have the kid help.
    • By planning ahead, you can set expectations and limit the number of times you do fast food.
    • Salads and fruits are refreshing in hot weather
  • Kids may be snacking more often
    • Try to set snacking times so kids aren't snacking all day long.
    • Avoid snacking in front of the TV, it is easy to overeat when you are paying attention to a program.
  • Kids may be drinking too many sugary drinks
    • If your child is a soda drinker, work to limit soda to just once in a while, not everyday
    • Have lowfat or nonfat milk during meals
    • If your child loves fruit juice, look for 100% and remember 6 ounces is plenty.
    • Put some sliced fruit in water for a new taste
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