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Our blog ‘Nourishing Thoughts’ keeps families informed on current nutrition news, fun kid-friendly nutrition tips to encourage healthy food, nutrition, and exercise choices, nutrition articles, and interactive tools for parents. Our healthy nutrition blog is for parents, teachers, and everyone who is interested in kids' health and nutrition.

Often, we will have weekly themes about healthy habits.  The topic is discussed on Mondays, we follow up with a fun informative infographic that provides key facts about the topic, finishing up on Friday with some great materials and resources to use to bring that topic to home, school or wherever you are working with children to promote healthier habits! Enjoy.

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About Maggie

I am a nurse and a mother of two.  I am also the founder of Nourish Interactive. I am very concerned about the health and well being of our children.  I started the Nourishing Thoughts Blog so that I could help parents keep up on the latest trends in children’s nutrition and exercise. 

I know that much like reading and writing is the foundation for learning, nutrition is the foundation for healthy children.  But with so many new studies, products and trends constantly being reported it is hard to keep up.  I just want to make it a little easier for parents by doing some of the legwork and providing you with up to date information.

Feb 25, 2015

Childhood obesity - a personal matter

Just a quick follow up to my last blog. You might be wondering how it went with my friend. It was a sensitive subject but she admitted that she was also worrying about her weight. She shared with me that she had signed her up for soccer and wa...
Feb 23, 2015

Childhood obesity in my own backyard

I was just at a dear family friend's 85th birthday and I noticed that an 11 year old child attending the party did not want to eat most of the food on her dinner plate. We were at a Peruvian restaurant. Not surprising that kids can be a bit pic...
Feb 20, 2015

What's in my freezer and how long should it really be there?

I have a large freezer in my garage that I use to stock up on great sale items, large bulk purchases (that are too much for one or two meals) and for quick dinners I make ahead of time. I always put the date and food name on my foods and use a f...
Feb 18, 2015

10 banned foods that we should all stop eating

When I read this list of banned foods, I have to say that I was very concerned. There are a few things on this list that I eat. It is scary to think that other countries have already banned these foods and we haven't! You think that in the U...
Feb 16, 2015

President's Day Reminds Us To Say Thank You To Our Local Heros

Happy President's Day Thank you President Obama for all the work you have done to help our children eat healthier in schools! This does remind me of the people who work tirelessly in our local communities to make a difference. We pay respe...
Feb 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day from Nourish Interactiv

Nourish Thought for the Day: Weave a little healthy message in everything you do. Free Healthy Heart Valentines cards to print.
Feb 11, 2015

Healthy Heart Fun Free Printables For Kids -

We have added some new heart healthy printables to our Valentine's Day Printables for kids. These are all available in English and Spanish If you are looking for healthy heart tips specific for children, we are happy to share these favorites! ...
Feb 09, 2015

Free President Day Printables With a Healthy Food Theme -

We have some great President Day healthy food themed printables. This is a new section for us and we are happy to share these free resources with you. They are available in English and Spanish. Enjoy! Nourish Thought for the Day: ...
Feb 06, 2015

Red Dress Day Reminds Us To FIght Heart Disease In Women

February 6 was national Wear Red Day. I know I focus on children's health but today I want to focus on moms. A healthy mom is poised to help their child be healthy. Red is the color of our heart. It is associated with power and confi...
Feb 04, 2015

Go Red For Women Saves Over 620K lives!

Go Red For Women. Pull out your red outfit and wear it with pride. It has made a difference. The American Heart Association discovered that heart disease killed more women than men. And it killed more women that all the cancers combined. I...
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