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What's in my freezer and how long should it really be there?

Posted on Feb 20, 2015 by Maggie LaBarbera

I have a large freezer in my garage that I use to stock up on great sale items, large bulk purchases (that are too much for one or two meals) and for quick dinners I make ahead of time.

I always put the date and food name on my foods and use a freezer ready storage baggie.  I do this because after a couple of months have passed, I really can't remember when I bought certain food items.

And let's face it, when food is frozen, sometimes you don't know what it is!  

Well, I found some chicken nuggets in the back of the freezer without a date.  Okay, don't go crazy because these were not mine.  I would not eat frozen, processed chicken nuggets and I am also not a chicken nugget fan.  But one of my grown kids obviously is and must have been over and left it... (no need to go on with that story or trying to figure out why my grown kids are leaving frozen junk food in my freezer instead of their own!lol)

But my point was that that I was going to give it back to one of them when I noticed the date was over 6 months.  I did a quick look and found this great infographic below which told me, it should be tossed.

(Yes, I can hear you saying that it should be tossed for other reasons..ha ha).

But it got me thinking that sometimes we don't realize how long we really should keep foods frozen and different foods have different freezer life.  This caused me to go into my freezer and organize it and also get rid of a few food items that were well beyond the expected food freezer lifespan.

Part of being healthy and getting children to enjoy healthy foods is good food safety.  Avoiding food poisoning and also eating foods when they still have good taste.

So I hope this chart is helpful and may just get you wondering "what is in my freezer!?

Nourish Thought for the Day:  

Sometimes one extra step can make all the difference.

Frozen Food - Recommended Storage Times

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