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Kitchen Crisis - new children healthy foods game by Nourish Interactive

Posted on Aug 17, 2015 by Maggie LaBarbera

We are so excited to share with you our new game!  It is called "Kitchen Crisis".

Boy, chef Solus is hopping around in the kitchen as he tries to collect all the foods he needs to create a balanced meal!  But some unhealthy junk foods have snuck into his kitchen and are trying to find their way into his recipes.  Well this will just not do!

Children will enter one of the areas where Chef Solus has food and will have to guide Chef Solus to healthy foods while avoiding the junk foods.  There will be trampolines, ladders and other assistance to move up and grab more foods.  The arrows are used to move Chef Solus backwards and forwards while the spacebar is used to make Chef Solus jump.  

If the child wants Chef Solus to jump forward, hit the spacebar while hitting the forward arrow immediately afterwards.  If he/she want to get rid of a pesty junkfood, just have Chef Solus jump on top of it!  Your child will also earn points for getting rid of the junk food.

But Chef Solus only has five lives (shown by hearts) at the top to make it through the game.  There are hidden bonuses throughout the game that give Chef Solus additional lives, points and other rewards.

Chef Solus has three different scenes to play in:  

  • the pantry scene
  • kitchen scene 
  • a freezer scene where everything is frozen! 

To complete the level, children must find the key to get out of the pantry.  It is hidden somewhere in the level.  Once the child has found the golden key, they can guide Chef Solus back to the door so he can exit the level.  

At the end of each level is a healthy message from Chef Solus.  Kids will also see how many balanced meals they made during the level.  

A balance meal is a plate of food that contains food from each of the food groups.  At the end of each scene, kids will see all the healthy foods from each of the food groups they collected.  They will need to drag one food from each of the food group onto the plate to make one balanced meal.  The more balanced meals, the more points they earn.

Monday’s Nourishing Thought:  

Games are a fun way to introduce healthy choices to children!





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