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Mar 13, 2015

Finding the perfect printable for your program - don't get overwhelmed

I am getting a great deal of emails asking me about the best printables to introduce younger children to My Plate. I know we have over 1000 free printables to choose! All in English and Spanish. Here are some guidelines to find the best printa...
Mar 09, 2015

Keep the healthy habits going past March

In March we celebrated National Nutrition Month and all came together to promote healthy foods to families around the world. We don't want all the wonderful work to be forgotten, so I wanted to share with you some great hand-outs to keep familie...
Mar 06, 2015

Breakfast tips for the wondering parent

Breakfast is an important meal for children in particular because their body and brains are growing so rapidly. If you think about it, the last meal or food they had is easily over 8 hours because of sleep. But may you are not sure what const...
Mar 02, 2015

National School Breakfast Week Celebration Kick Off

Happy March everyone! This is our best month of the year with so much focus on healthy eating. But let's start with this week's kick-off, National School Breakfast Week. This time always reminds me of my time as a child going to school and ...
Feb 16, 2015

President's Day Reminds Us To Say Thank You To Our Local Heros

Happy President's Day Thank you President Obama for all the work you have done to help our children eat healthier in schools! This does remind me of the people who work tirelessly in our local communities to make a difference. We pay respe...
Feb 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day from Nourish Interactiv

Nourish Thought for the Day: Weave a little healthy message in everything you do. Free Healthy Heart Valentines cards to print.
Feb 11, 2015

Healthy Heart Fun Free Printables For Kids -

We have added some new heart healthy printables to our Valentine's Day Printables for kids. These are all available in English and Spanish If you are looking for healthy heart tips specific for children, we are happy to share these favorites! ...
Feb 09, 2015

Free President Day Printables With a Healthy Food Theme -

We have some great President Day healthy food themed printables. This is a new section for us and we are happy to share these free resources with you. They are available in English and Spanish. Enjoy! Nourish Thought for the Day: ...
Feb 02, 2015

National Heart Month Begins - Healthy Hearts Fun For Kids

This month is national heart month and that means it time to give our hearts a little extra love and attention. We will start out this month with some heart fun for kids. Start this month with one goal that will help your child and family...
Jan 30, 2015

How to include kids in the kitchen

There is so much research about the benefits of cooking with children. I don't know how many of you do bring your children into the kitchen to help but it is really worth the effort. The younger they start, the easier it will be. Just like a...
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