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Holiday Eating Tips


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How to Control your child's sweet tooth during Halloween!

There are over 15 fifteen holidays throughout the year that your family and child may celebrate.

Holidays don't have to be a time for poor nutrition and activity.  In fact, with just a little additions or modifications to your holiday, it can be a very healthy and active time for the whole famil!.
Here is a list of our healthy holiday tips that
  • provide suggestions on how to be active during the holiday
  • provide suggestions on healthier holiday meal choices
  • offer practical ideas on how to help your child make healthier choices during holiday time  

List of Tips For Kids And Families To Promote A Fun, Healthy Holiday Year Round

  1. Happy Valentine's Day. Be good to your heart today by enjoying a physical activity together as a family after dinner.
  2. Have the kids help plan a “lucky” menu full of greens for St Patricks Day.
  3. It's April Fools Day. You can play a fun trick on your kids; serve dessert for dinner and dinner for dessert.
  4. Teacher's Appreciation Day. Thank your child's teachers for all the work they do to help your child learn about healthy habits.
  5. Celebrating Cinco de Mayo! Try whole beans for added fiber, avocado for healthy oils and salsa for low calorie seasoning!
  6. Celebrate Father's Day with a healthy but fun outdoor picnic.
  7. To get rid of the Halloween candy, offer your kids a fun outing by taking the bag of sweets to your local fire department.
  8. Instead of candy, try non-sugared Halloween treats this year.
  9. Prepare for a healthy Halloween by discussing some candy guidelines.
  10. Add a few extra fruits and vegetables to those holiday recipes and increase the vitamins and minerals your child will be eating.
  11. At a party or holiday event, indulge in your one favorite food. Take small portions of everything else.
  12. Try eating meatless meals on Mondays this December.
  13. Keep your teeth extra happy this holiday and remember to brush them after meals.
  14. Kids can take up to 12 times of exposure to a certain food before they will try it.
  15. Help your kids write a letter to Santa and mail it to the North Pole. Use our fun holiday fruits and vegetables stationary!
  16. Mrs Claus always makes a healthy breakfast for Santa. Start your child's day with a healthy breakfast with foods from at least 4 of the food groups.
  17. Go to the grocery store or farmers market and pick out a new red or green fruit and vegetable to try for this year's holiday meal.
  18. Reindeers love to eat lots of orange vegetables like carrots. It helps them see at night. Add an orange vegetable to your child's lunch or dinner!
  19. Are you baking some special holiday sweets? Try adding some raisins, nuts or bran for a healthier treat.
  20. Decorate your plate with the color of Christmas, add lots of green and red vegetables.
  21. Teach kids to enjoy their Christmas cookies with a glass of low-fat or nonfat milk.
  22. Remind kids that a healthy holiday meal includes food from all the food groups! Merry Christmas!
  23. Careful with the eggnog. 1 cup can be almost 350 calories. If your kids love this holiday drink, check the food labels for low calorie eggnog




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