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Breakfast Tips


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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day especially for your child.  This is because they are growing and developing so they need food (fuel) for their body.  After a good night sleep, it can be as long as 12 hours since their last meal.

Their brains and body will need breakfast so they are ready for school and can learn at their best.
Here is a list of our breakfast tips that
  • promote the benefits of breakfast
  • provide ideas for heatlhy breakfast meals
  • offer suggestions on how to help your child make time for breakfast every day.

List of Breakfast Tips For Families with Kids

  1. A healthy heart starts with a healthy breakfast.
  2. Breakfast fills your child's "empty tank" to get them going after a long night of sleeping.
  3. Studies show that kids who eat breakfast maintain or lose weight.
  4. Children who skip breakfast often mistake hunger pangs for a tummy ache.
  5. Look for whole grain cereals and breads with at least 4 gram of fiber.
  6. There are many studies that have proven the importance of breakfast and how well your child does in school.
  7. To make pancakes even healthier, try the whole-wheat pancakes.
  8. Before going to the festival, eat breakfast and plan your lunch.
  9. Give your child a healthy breakfast. Make sure it has at least 3 of the food groups represented.
  10. Follow the 5-5 rule. Look for cereals with 5 grams or less of sugar!
  11. Try melon slices for breakfast for a change.
  12. Make sure your child eats breakfast. Breakfast provides children with the energy they need to listen and learn in school.
  13. Be sure your family fuels up with a healthy breakfast everyday.
  14. Cut out pancakes with cookie cutters and decorate them with fruit, nuts and yogurt.
  15. Start with carbohydrates, protein and a little fat to keep motors running.




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