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How To Add More Vegetables To Your Family's Meal

Anne Kolker • MS, Registered Dietitian • Nov 06, 2011
We all know vegetables are good for you.  They are the largest food group on the My Plate symbol.  That is because they are the most important food group filled with vitamins and minerals that your child needs to grow healthy and fight disease.
In fact, both children and adults benefit from a diet rich in vegetables.  However, most children and adults do not get enough vegetables.  To get enough vegetables, you really need to eat them at every meal.  With such a large variety to choose from, it may be easier than you think.

Increasing Vegetable Consumption Throughout the Day

Children are often influence by smells, textures and colors.  Sometimes vegetables are most appealing to children when they are served raw.  But of course, every child is a little different in their preferences.  Try different vegetables with different textures to see what your child prefers.  
Here are some tips to help you move vegetables front and center in your child’s daily meal.vegetables increase amount children eat
  • Keep vegetables in bite size on the table in plain view
  • Try adding some cut up vegetables with a dip for a dinnertime
  • Have some crunchy vegetables in a baggie for on the go snacks
  • Pair vegetables with foods that your child enjoys. Sometimes being a little creative with the vegetables peaks their interest
  • Mix up some greens with their baked potato, noodles or rice
  • Have the kids help make a salad and then give it a special name and let them proudly serve it
  • Add vegetables to pasta sauces
  • Add vegetables to soups, beans and casserole dishes
  • Try to always have at least one or two vegetables at dinner time
  • Green leafy vegetables are very rich in nutrients, try different green leafy vegetables in salads, sautéed or steamed
  • Encourage your child to be color their plate with their vegetables, they come in so many colors and can be cut in different fun shapes










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Written by Anne KolkerWritten on Nov 06, 2011Last updated on Sep 30, 2013




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