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Learning About The Protein Food Group

Maggie LaBarbera • RN, MBA • May 12, 2012

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What Is The Protein Group?

The protein group is made up of all the meat, seafood and plant foods that are high in protein. 
Some meat proteins are higher in fat content and cholesterol.  It is better to eat lean proteins for a healthier diet.
Other proteins like nuts and fish are higher in healthy oils that are essential for the body and actually help keep your family's heart healthy.
Most proteins should be cooked before eaten.

Ways To Purchase Protein

healthy proteins for familiesMeat and seafood are found in the refrigerated or freezer section of the grocery store.  These foods can spoil easily and should be defrosted in the refrigerator.  Once defrosted, meats and seafood should be out of the refrigerator when you are ready to cook and eat the foods.  Otherwise, they should be refrigerated to prevent bacteria from growing.
Eggs are found in the dairy section of the refrigerator but belong to the protein group.  Eggs also have a short shelf life so always check the expiration. 
Beans, nuts and seed dry foods that can be found in bins or prepackaged on shelves.  You can also find them cooked and packaged in cans.
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Written by Maggie LaBarberaWritten on May 12, 2012Last updated on Nov 24, 2013




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