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Rewards For Kids

Feb 22, 2012

Free Coloring Book Kicks Off Potato Month

This week we want to help kids eat more fruits and vegetables. This month is Potato Lover Month and a vegetable that lots of kids love. Potatoes have gotten a bad rap because of the french fries and potato chips. But in reality, when you ...
Feb 21, 2011

Healthy Kids Challenge Recipe Contest for Middle Schoolers promotes healthy foods

Nourish Interactive has been partners with the Healthy Kids Challenge organization for several years.  We have the same mission to promote healthy foods to kids in a fun and positive way.  We are happy to share with you this recipe contest!  There is s...
May 07, 2010

Join the Fit Factor Kids walking team to help tally up 100,000,000 steps and promote exercise to kids

First I want to acknowledge that this National Nurses Week.  Thank you fellow nurses for your tireless and compassionate work caring for the sick and for teaching people healthy living skills.I am always looking for fun ways to promote nutrition and ex...
Jul 06, 2009

National Summer Learning Day July 9, celebrate with fun learning activities

July 9 is National Summer Learning Day. This event is sponsored by the National Center for Summer Learning.I like to promote this event because it reminds all us how important it for kids to keep learning even when school is out. You may be thinking,...
Jun 17, 2009

Father's Day Cards and Gift of Time Certificates Coloring Pages - Great Gifts for Kids to Give Dad

It is that time of the year, where kids (adults too!) stop and recognize how great dads are. There are many ways for kids to thank dad for his fun and loving ways that don't cost money. With father's day quickly approaching, we have created some...
Jun 12, 2009

Is it okay for grandma to spoil your child with too much sweets?

Grandparents, they are so loving to their grandkids. But what do you do if the grandparent is teaching your kids unhealthy habits? I was at a graduation party last weekend and noticed a grandparent feeding her grandchild the following: chocolate ch...
Apr 10, 2009

Parents and kids - Join the nation for National TV Turnoff Week - April 20-26

Don't forget to plan for "TV Turnoff Week".  This year it will be celebrated on April 20-26.I wanted to remind you early enough so that you could have a family planning session.  TV is such a big part of most of our lives, that turning it off for a w...
Apr 08, 2009

4-year-olds have high childhood obesity rate- found across all races

It was very disconcerting to read the latest childhood obesity report on childhood obesity and our preschool population. The study was conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics and looked at 8550 preschoolers born in 2001. The child...
Nov 03, 2008

Family Nutrition Tips- Healthy snacks for that half time treat!

It is your turn to bring in the snacks for the your child's sport team. You want to be the fun mom and bring treats that the kids will love. But that doesn't mean it has to be high sugar drinks and sweet treats for the little athletes to love it.Tal...
Oct 20, 2008

Nutrition Tips: Healthy Halloween Tips- Top 10 tips to avoid the Halloween Sugar Overload

Halloween is sugartime. Is there any hopes in controlling the amount of sugar that our kids eat during this time. It's hard but here is some suggestions I found in this article.I hope some of these Halloween nutrition tips help: Decide with childre...
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