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PBS reaches out to kids with new website!

Posted on Sep 14, 2009 by Maggie LaBarbera

PBS kids has launched a new website for kids called Speak Out.

PBS is giving kids their very own forum where kids can actually post their own healthy tips, ideas and suggestions for other kids to read. The forum is targeted to 6 to 12 years encouraging them to share their thoughts and ideas about"being healthy".

Some features:

  • kids choose which ideas they like best
  • the ideas with the most votes are featured on the website
  • the kids' posts are displayed as a "message to our President"
It is a novel idea and I think it is another great example of how to use the technology that kids are growing up with and incorporating it into positive and meaningful messages to kids

It also is a great way to engage kids and raise their awareness about the health topics affecting kids by using the voting feature to get them involved! Nice job PBS!





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