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Happy Mother's Day- Thanks Mom For Teaching Me Healthy Habits

Posted on May 08, 2009 by Maggie LaBarbera

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend and I want to wish all the Mothers a very warm felt Happy Mother’s Day.

I think of my own mom who raised my sister and I as a single mom. But despite a full time job and all the responsibilities she carried, she always made family and healthy cooking a priority. We always had dinner as a family. She cooked dinner trying to make sure we had an orange and green vegetable at the table. She would try different recipes to get us to eat more green vegetables. We never had processed foods or TV dinners growing up. I have to admit, I did not realize nor appreciate her efforts to feed us a home-cooked healthy meal; sometimes envious of my friends who got to eat TV dinners.

Now, I look back and really thank her for instilling those habits in me. I did not realize I was developing habits that I would carry with me throughout my life.

Bless her heart, she is now 83 years old and strong and healthy, not even on one medication! I have to attribute that to her lifelong healthy eating habits and active lifestyle. And I thank her for teaching me and making healthy eating such a priority.

Sometimes we forget the power and influence that we have as moms. So this weekend, take pride and comfort knowing that even though the kids may not really appreciate all your efforts to teach them about nutrition and healthy habits, they will!

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Enjoy the weekend and Happy Mother’s Day!





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