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Nourish Interactive share kids healthy game app

Posted on Sep 28, 2015 by Maggie LaBarbera

We are excited to share with you our new game for iphones and ipads, called Kitchen Crisis and Fruit Juggling apps.

Now you can get our healthy app and download it for free onto your children's apple mobile device to play anytime they want.  

Our Chef Solus Kitchen Crisis is our very first mobile app.  It has been long time coming and we are thrilled to finally offer your children a healthy game with healthy messages that can be downloaded in English or in Spanish.

We know kids are actively using their mobile device to play games on the web and now they have a healthy game option to play.  

Here is the link to download our

Chef Solus Kitchen Crisis App Game

Chef Solus Crisis en la cocina

I just downloaded the games onto my iphone and my little grandson loves the Chef Solus Kitchen Crisis game app.  He loves the music.  I have to say that I am having a lot of fun playing the game.  

In the Chef Solus Crisis in the the kitchen, you have three scenes to choose from and five lives to keep you moving through each of the levels. Children can choose from the kitchen, pantry or freezer scene to begin their journey.  Chef Solus is trying to make some balanced meals with foods from each of the food group.  And he is looking for his golden key that will unlock the door leading the child to the next level.  Just avoid the junk foods that will try to get chef Solus.  Each time an unhealthy food touches Chef Solus, he will lose a life.  Ugh!  But Chef Solus is speedy and can jump way higher than the junk foods can and he can pounce right on top of them to get rid of them from his path.  Children can collect as many foods as they can to earn more points.  Because at the end of level, they get to build healthy meal plates.  The more healthy plates they make, the more points they earn!

We are sorry that this is currently not available for non apple mobile devices but we hope to add those versions in the near future.  Just keep checking back!

Monday’s Nourishing Thought:  

Learning about nutrition can be done in any venue!





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