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Nourish Interactive gives parents and teachers Thier Own Healthy Avatars

Posted on Sep 14, 2015 by Maggie LaBarbera

We have a feature for our adult members that use our website.  Enjoy!

We like to have a little fun and we thought here is something simple that we can do to remind you that is it important to keep nutrition fun.

When you log in to and go to your "My Page" found in the upper left hand corner of every webpage or in the main navigation on the left hand side of website (also found on every webpage) you will see that we have assigned you an avatar.

You can easily change your avatar by clicking on a different cartoon fruit or vegetable.  But if you happen to use gravatar and already have your own avatar that you use, you will see that we automatically display that.

Your avatar comes into use when you leave comments on our webpages.  And we do invite you to share your ideas and knowledge with all our visitors.  Anyone who comes to our website will see comments and your avatar next to it.  But only members can leave comments.

I know this is a small thing but we want to show you our appreciation for using our website as part of your nutrition education program in school, afterschool or at home.  Hope that you enjoy this and it is our way of keeping nutrition fun for you too!

We have the following avatars available for you:

your own gravatar

  • apple cartoon avatar
  • blueberry cartoon avatar
  • cantaloupe cartoon avatar
  • orange cartoon avatar
  • peach cartoon avatar
  • bell pepper cartoon avatar
  • broccoli cartoon avatar
  • lettuce cartoon avatar
  • garlic cartoon avatar
  • pumpkin cartoon avatar
  • spinach cartoon avatar
  • tomato cartoon avatar

Monday’s Nourishing Thought:  

Small gifts can have big meanings!






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