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Online nutrition themed stories from Nourish Interactive

Posted on Aug 28, 2015 by Maggie LaBarbera

Friday Finds to Nourish Your Day:  

It’s Friday and we are happy to share these resources and materials to help you promote healthy stories to nourish the children in your lives!

We talked this week about the benefits of stories whether it be:

  • an online cartoon animation video
  • an online story children can read
  •  a story that you read them from a book
  • share from your imagination
  • your personal experience

stories are a great way to introduce healthy topics to children.  We are pleased to share with you these resources:

Cartoon Animation Videos

Kids Nutrition Themed Videos featuring Chef Solus, the explorers and My Plate characters

Chef Solus In the Balanced Hike Adventure

Chef Solus & Great Grocery Store Adventure

Chef Solus Pyramid Power vs Junk Food Bandits Basketball Movie


Online Stories

Online stories children can read that are based on nutrition themes

Enjoy different stories on our Campfire Stories section in Solusville



Nutrition themed Story Books

Check out our nutrition store with these wonderful books that are focused on nutrition:






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