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Nourish Interactive Introduces new character Marty MyPlate

Posted on Aug 24, 2015 by Maggie LaBarbera

We are pleased to share with you our new animation cartoon that introduces two new characters, Marty MyPlate and Milky Mike, his side kick!

The Balanced Hike Cartoon

While Chef Solus and his explorer kid friends are off hiking one day, they hear someone crying in the woods.  Concerned they go to find out what is going on.  Who is crying?

They soon find Marty MyPlate and Milky Mike who can't seem to find their way to Solusville because they are out of fuel.  Now Marty MyPlate is a bit of a goofyball and likes to fill his tank with an unbalanced meal which makes this little flying saucer plate not fly at all.

Not to worry though.  Chef Solus knows exactly what creates a balanced meal and just what Marty MyPlate needs to get back on track and up in the air.  He needs food from each of the food groups.  The explorer kids and Chef Solus happily share some of their lunch so that Marty MyPlate is fueled up with a healthy, balanced meal that gives him the right amount of energy so he can get to Solusville. 

Children will enjoy this short mini cartoon that gives a very positive message about the importance of eating a balanced meal in an enjoyable story come to life.

You can find this new cartoon in Solusville Food Groups Section


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