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Dairy Tips, Recipes and Fun from Nourish Interactive for National Dairy Month

Posted on Jun 05, 2015 by Maggie LaBarbera

Friday Finds to Nourish Your Day:  

It’s Friday and we are happy to share these resources and materials to help you promote dairy to nourish the children in your lives!

As part of a national dairy month, we are happy to share with you these dairy resources:

Dairy Recipes for Kids

Find recipes that are centered around the dairy food groups that you and your child can make together.  We have made it so easy for you to bring kids into the kitchen with the cooking directions showing what children can do, what you can do together and what adults need to do.

Dairy articles for Parents

How organic is your milk?

You want to choose organic milk but there seems to be so many variations. How do you know the best organic dairy product to choose? Our dietitian has a nice overview of the differences in organic dairy. Knowing the differences in your organic dairy.

Dem Bones, Dem Bones 

You might be surprised to know that many children don't get enough vitamin D and calcium. They are both very important because they work together to create bones and healthy teeth. Is Your Child Getting Enough Calcium?

Understanding the Health Benefits Of The Dairy Group

What are the key benefits to the dairy group. Why does your child need to have dairy foods as part of a balanced diet.

Dairy Group - How Much Dairy Does Your Child And Family Really Need?

Wondering how much dairy you or your child needs. Chart indicating how much milk or dairy products you and your family need for a balanced heathy diet.

Shopping For The Dairy Food Group

The dairy group is one of the five foods groups needed to have a well balanced heatlhy body. In particular children need foods high in calicium and vitamin D. The dairy group is a great source for these nutrients. Learn more about the dairy group and also get tips on how to purchase dairy foods from the grocery store.

List Of Risk Factors For Osteoporosis

You may be wondering why we have osteoporosis listed in this section. The reason is that it can be prevented by building strong bones. Strong bones are built during childhood by getting enough calcium, vitamin D and weight bearing exercise. List of risk factors for osteoporosis.

List Of Types Of Cheeses

Ever wonder how many types of cheese there are. Here is a comprehensive list of the types of cheeses available in grocery stores.

Parents Guide - List Of Dairy Drinks And Foods

Here is a list of the dairy foods you can find in the refrigerated section of the grocery store.

Guide To Common Portion And Serving Size From The Dairy Group

Information on What Counts As A Dairy Serving. The dairy group is an important food group that provides children with much needed calcium and vitamin D for growing healthy bones and teeth. Here is a guide to make a healthy serving of dairy from the My Plate dairy food group.

Dairy Fun Printables for Kids

Milk Food Groups Learning Sheet 

Fun coloring page printable that teach kids about the milk food group 
Published: Jul 13, 2011
Grades: PreK-5
Ages: 3-11

Printable - My Plate Dairy Learning Sheet 

Teach children about foods from the dairy group using the new My Plate!
Published: Aug 09, 2011
Grades: K-5
Ages: 5-10

Dairy Food Nutrition Flash Cards Cut Out Printable for Kids

Dairy food flash cards activity for kids. Have children make their very own dairy food group cards to use in projects, to create a healthy balanced meal or to help them learn the different foods that belong to the My Plate dairy group.
Published: Aug 09, 2012
Grades: PreK-5
Ages: 3-13

Estimating Milk Servings - Portion Sizes Using Household Items Learning Sheets for Kids

Handy educational sheet that teaches children how to estimate a serving from the milk food group with portions compared to common household items. A great way to teach portion control.
Published: Mar 11, 2012
Grades: PreK-5
Ages: 4-13

Chef Solus - Keep your bones and teeth happy with lots of calcium!

Educational page designed to teach children about the importance of calcium and foods high in calcium. Learning page fun for children and great take home to share with parents. Children can color the page too¡
Published: Jul 24, 2014
Grades: 1-5
Ages: 6-13

My Plate Activity for Children - Dairy Milk Food Group - Make a healthy plate

Worksheet for younger children that has them finding specific foods from the milk food group to make a balanced plate.
Published: Mar 07, 2012
Grades: PreK-2
Ages: 3-7

Preschool Matching Foods and Numbers Activity - The Dairy Food Group

Matching activity for preschoolers learning to count. Count the number of these popular foods from the dairy foods group. Great to combine math and learning about dairy foods in one lesson.
Published: Dec 04, 2012
Grades: PreK-K
Ages: 3-6

Printable - Match the Milk Names and Color the Milk Foods 

Fun matching worksheet to help children learn about the different types of milk products. Kids see how much fun healthy calcium rich foods really are to eat!
Published: Jul 13, 2011
Grades: 1-3
Ages: 6-9

Kids Matching Dairy Card Game - Printable Game for Children

Kids love the memory game where they have to find two items that match. Children can now play food groups matching game while they learn the foods in the dairy group. Food group memory game cards are color-coded to match the food groups on the My Plate and the Food Pyramid. You can print all five food group matching game printables and mix them together for a larger group. Print out pages and cut cards along dotted lines. To help game cards last longer, you can paste them onto construction paper and laminate.
Published: Aug 14, 2012
Grades: PreK-5
Ages: 2-13

Preschool Writing Activity - Trace The Dairy Foods

Writing activity for preschoolers learning the write. Trace the words from popular foods from the dairy foods group. Great to combine writing and learning about dairy foods in one lesson.
Published: Dec 04, 2012
Grades: PreK-K
Ages: 3-6

Bookmark Food Group - Dairy Chef Solus Activity

Children's activity that promotes healthy foods. Make your bookmarks that promote the dairy food group. A fun way to remind children how much fun healthy foods made from dairy are!
Published: Apr 05, 2013
Grades: PreK-5
Ages: 3-13

Bookmarks Coloring Dairy Food Group Activity - Chef Solus' Dairy Group

Children's coloring activity that promotes the food groups. Kids can make, decorate and color their own bookmarks that promote the dairy food group. This activity promotes the foods from the dairy group.
Published: Apr 05, 2013
Grades: PreK-5
Ages: 3-13

Food Group Dairy Milk Fun Certificate Of Achievement For Children

Make learning about nutrition fun for children with our certificates of achievement for the dairy food group. Reward children for making healthy choices.
Published: Feb 25, 2013
Grades: PreK-5
Ages: 2-13

Printable - Word Search Puzzle - Milk Group

These word search puzzles focus on the food groups and their health benefit. These word search puzzles are an easier version with larger letters and 7 words for younger readers.
Published: Jul 15, 2011
Grades: 2-5
Ages: 7-13

Printable - 10 Word Search Puzzle - Milk Group

Older students will enjoy our more challenging word search puzzles. These word search puzzles focus on the food groups, exercise and their health benefits. Each word search puzzle has 10 words for children to find.
Published: Jul 15, 2011
Grades: 4-5
Ages: 8-13

My Plate Dairy Group Maze Puzzle For Kids

Puzzle with a nutrition theme. Teach children a little about the dairy food group in My Plate with our Chef Solus free printable maze for kids K-5. Maze is easy level.
Published: Feb 24, 2015
Grades: K-5
Ages: 5-13

Holidays 12 Christmas Maze for Kids Featuring the Dairy Food Group

Challenging children maze for Christmas. Holiday themed with a healthy message from the dairy food group. Maze is inside an ornament that matches the color of the dairy food group.
Published: Dec 03, 2014
Grades: 2-5
Ages: 7-13

Printable - My Plate Dairy Coloring Sheet 

Children will have fun learning about the foods from the dairy group on My Plate with our cute coloring sheet.
Published: Aug 09, 2011
Grades: PreK-5
Ages: 3-10

Dairy food group coloring sheet

Color page for children introducing the foods from the dairy food group.
Published: Jun 21, 2012
Grades: PreK-5
Ages: 1-13

Chef Solus - Keep those bones growing strong with calcium and vitamin D!

These handouts provide nutrition and fitness information and tips to promote a healthy family. They are kid-friendly so parents can review them with their children!
Published: Dec 14, 2011
Grades: 3-5
Ages: 8-13






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