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Finding the perfect printable for your program - don't get overwhelmed

Posted on Mar 13, 2015 by Maggie LaBarbera

I am getting a great deal of emails asking me about the best printables to introduce younger children to My Plate.  I know we have over 1000 free printables to choose!  All in English and Spanish.

Here are some guidelines to find the best printables for your program:

  1. Start with our main page:  Free Printables
  2. Next choose your topic or category that you want to focus on.
  3. The category you choose might be broken up into subcategories, you will see this right at the top of the page.  Choose your subcategory.
  4. Finally, you can further filter the category by the type of printable you are looking for in necessary, using our pull down menu in the "Filter Box".
  5. You can filter it to only show you puzzles or coloring sheets or learning pages.
  6. Now you can look through the list and click on the one that you are interested in.  You will see the actual printable enlarged and you can download by clicking on the link to the right of page.

Nourish Thought for the Day:  

When faced with a lot of choices, don't get overwhelmed. Just segment or filter your choice to find what you need!


See all our free printables with My Plate theme

Here are the five most popular My Plate printables that teachers and dietitians use around the world to introduce children to a healthy plate!

My Plate Colors Of The Food Groups

My Plate page that teaches children about the foods belonging to each colored section of the My Plate.
Published: Nov 08, 2011
Grades: PreK-5
Ages: 0-13

Printable For Younger Children - Introducing My Plate

Colorful My Plate sheet to introduce the plate and the food groups.
Published: Nov 08, 2011
Grades: PreK-5
Ages: 4-13

Printable - My Plate Teaches Kids To Balance Healthy Foods With Exercise

Fun colorful page to show children the importance of balancing their food choices on My Plate with daily activity.
Published: Nov 08, 2011
Grades: PreK-5
Ages: 3-13

The Foods That Belong To My Plate Food Groups

Colorful overview page of the foods that belong to each of the food groups on the USDA My Plate.
Published: Nov 08, 2011
Grades: PreK-5
Ages: 3-13

My Plate-Food Group Servings and Amounts

Healthy servings from each of the food groups on the My Plate.
Published: Nov 08, 2011
Grades: 2-5
Ages: 7-13







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