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2014 Solusville Accomplishments - Nourish Interactive awards and new healthy games for kids

Posted on Jan 12, 2015 by Maggie LaBarbera

This week we want to look back on our wonderful 2014 accomplishments in Solusville, our kids healthy neighborhood.  This is where kids can play and learn about healthy eating without advertising.

It has been a busy year as you can see from all our accomplishments listed below.

In 2014,

1.  we were honored to have earned the KidsSave COPPA Compliant Seal.  

The only Federal Trade Commission approved seal that shows we have met all the criteria to be accredited as COPPA compliant!

You will notice our seal at the bottom of all our kids footer pages.  We did work hard to meet all the rigorous standards and we are happy to earned this award in both our English and Spanish section of the kids world, Solusville.

We are also proud of the launch of several new activities for children in our Solusville world. 

2.  See our avatar game   

New avatars!  Kids can now make their own avatars and dress them as well as customize their personal features.  Children can make several avatars and switch them out as they want.  One for winter, one for basketball etc.


3. Earn more Solusville Points and Seals    

We also launched a new point incentive system for children.  Children earn badges as they reach different point levels.  Our badges are part of the food group rewards.  Parents can give their children, or teachers can award their students with up to 50 points a day for healthy behavior.


4.  Make a sticker book!

We launched our new sticker book game for children where they can make books and tell stories by choosing from our different scenes and over 500 stickers to make storybooks!  This has been a big hit with the kids.  


5. See Kids Sticker books    

Our Sticker book viewing application where children can view and rate their sticker book and other children's books.  As children make their books they can decide how they want to share it.  They can make it private so only their associated parent/teacher can see it.  They can make it available to just their associated siblings or classmates that are under that same parent/teacher.  Or they can make it public and share it with everyone to enjoy.


6.  New Bumper Page

We want to keep children in our kids Solusville world where there are no advertising and designed especially for children.  We did three things to help keep children in our kids section.  

  1. We eliminated all external links
  2. We removed all links to our grown-up section (except for one link at the top titled Teachers and Parents)
  3. We added a bumper page warning children that they are leaving the kids section.






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