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How to fill a healthy barbecue plate!

Posted on Jul 07, 2014 by Maggie LaBarbera

4th of July has past but not the barbecuing!

Once the grill has been pulled out, it is hard to not enjoy more grilling.   With grilling,

  • there is less pots and pans that have to be used
  • that means less washing (my favorite part)
  • less grease needed!
  • brings you outdoors as a family

I found this fun infographic that gives some great quick tips for keeping your family's barbecue meal healthy.  With all that delicious food, it can be easy to overeat.  So portion control is key.  But of course, it helps knowing what the proper portions are when eating a barbecue meal.  

Meat is one of the higher calorie foods and one of the foods that we, Americans, tend to eat too much of.  You can see that just 6 oz of grilled steak is over 400 calories.  And it is very easy to eat more than 6 oz.  Meat is part of the five key food groups and has many healthy benefits but in moderation.

So, to summarize:

 choose your proteins wisely

use your palm to help size up your portion.  An average adult palm represents about 4 oz of meat

include lots of healthy veggies and fruits.  You can make great tasting kabobs made of fruit and veggies.

Avoid charring meats 

Read more grilling tips for summertime.

Nourish Thought for the Day:  

Enjoy the benefits of a healthy outdoor barbecue and most of all, enjoy family time!

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