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Memoria Day Tips, Facts and Cleaning the Grill Steps

Posted on May 23, 2014 by Maggie LaBarbera

Memorial Day is this weekend.

Yes, time to clean the grill.  If you haven't used it in awhile, it can be pretty dusty and dirty.  You wouldn't cook on a dirty pan? You wouldn't eat off a dirty plate.  Right?  Cooking in clean area is part of a healthy food safe experience.

Nourish Thought for the Day:  

Barbecuing is a family memory. Use safety precautions and don't forget to grill some fruit and vegetable kabobs!

Infographic of The Allstate Blog.

I found this great 15 minute checklist for cleaning a grill. *

Minute 1:
Make sure that all dials are in the off position. While the grill is slightly warm, turn off and disconnect the propane tank.
Minute 2:
Wearing work gloves, remove the grates and the metal plates under them. Place in a bucket of hot water mixed with dish soap.
Minutes 3 and 4:
Loosely cover the heating elements with a big piece of foil to protect them. With the grill brush, scrub the underside of the hood. (That residue that looks like peeling paint is actually a harmless buildup of carbon from grease and smoke.)
Minutes 5 through 7:
Use the grill brush to scrub the inside walls above the elements. (Ash and debris will fall onto the foil.) Wipe the walls with a damp paper towel.
Minute 8:
Remove the drip pan and turn it upside down over a trash can to empty it. Drop the pan into the bucket to soak.
Minutes 9 through 11:
Take the grates and the drip pan out of the bucket. Lean them on a wall or a ledge, scrub them with the grill brush, then spray with a hose to rinse.
Minute 12:
Toss the foil and swipe the elements with the grill brush. Replace the metal plates, the grates, and the drip pan (no need to dry them) and reconnect the propane tank.
Minute 13:
If your grill has a cabinet, sweep out any leaves and debris inside with a whisk broom.
Minutes 14 and 15:
Grab a few stainless-steel wipes and clean the grill’s exterior and the inside of the cabinet. (For porcelain-coated, cast-iron, or ceramic grills, use a cotton cloth dampened with soapy water and follow with a dry cloth.) Voilà! Like new.




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