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Teaching Kids Cooking Vocabulary Used In the Kitchen


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nutrition education for kidsJust like any specialty, cooking comes with its own set of vocabulary words.  Children can practice their:

  • reading
  • writing
  • phonics
  • vocabulary

while learning learning about the tools and terms used when cooking in the kitchen.

Incorporate new words into each cooking class to help children build their vocabulary and learn about new cooking aides used in cooking healthy meals. See all our nutrition education printables for preschool and elementary school children!

Cooking with Kids Vocabulary Printables

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Preschool Tracing Worksheet - Kitchen words vocabulary sheet - Whisk

Introduce preschoolers to the kitchen with our cute vocabulary worksheet. Children will learn commonly used cooking tools while practicing their writing skills.
Published: Jan 17, 2013
Grades: PreK-K
Ages: 3-5
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