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nutrition education for kids

The fruit group is a tasty food group for children to learn about.  Learning about this important food group teaches children about the importance of vitamins, minerals and fiber.  

Chef Solus and his explorer friends are excited to introduce their friends the fruit group with our cute printables.  Children will enjoy puzzles, worksheets and learning sheets that promote the healthy goodness of the fruit food group.

You may also be interested in our My Plate worksheets that promote all five food groups using the new My Plate!  Or the Color My Plate Like A Rainbow printable worksheets that also promote the fruit and vegetable food groups.  
You will find matching worksheets, fruit learning pages and puzzle printables that promote this important food group.  And lots more printables! See all our nutrition education printables for preschool and elementary school children!

Chef Solus Fruit Food Group Fun Activity Pages

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Printable Nutrition Crossword Puzzle - Fruits and Veggies

Crossword puzzles and Answer Key These crossword puzzles focus on healthy topics. These also provide a fun way for students to promote their cognitive, spelling and reading skills.
Published: Jul 15, 2011
Grades: 3-5
Ages: 8-13

Printable - Word Search Puzzle - Fruit Group

These word search puzzles focus on the food groups and their health benefit. These word search puzzles are an easier version with larger letters and 7 words for younger readers.
Published: Jul 15, 2011
Grades: 2-5
Ages: 7-13

Printable - 10 Word Search Puzzle - Fruit Group

Older students will enjoy our more challenging word search puzzles. These word search puzzles focus on the food groups, exercise and their health benefits. Each word search puzzle has 10 words for children to find.
Published: Jul 15, 2011
Grades: 4-5
Ages: 8-13

My Plate Raining Fruits Maze Puzzle For Kids

Puzzle with a nutrition theme. Teach children a little about the fruit food group in My Plate with our Chef Solus free printable maze for kids K-5. Maze is easy level.
Published: Feb 24, 2015
Grades: K-5
Ages: 5-13

Holidays 12 Christmas Maze for Kids Featuring the Fruits Food Group

Challenging children maze for Christmas. Holiday themed with a healthy message from the fruit food group. Maze is inside an ornament that matches the color of the fruit food group.
Published: Dec 03, 2014
Grades: 2-5
Ages: 7-13

Printable - MyPlate Fruits Coloring Sheet

Children will have fun learning about the foods from the fruit group on My Plate with our cute coloring sheet.
Published: Aug 09, 2011
Grades: PreK-5
Ages: 3-10

Fruit food group coloring sheet

Color page for children introducing the foods from the fruit food group.
Published: Jun 21, 2012
Grades: PreK-5
Ages: 1-13

Healthy Foods Coloring Page For Young Children

Fun healthy cartoon foods coloring page for young children.
Published: Jul 14, 2011
Grades: PreK-2
Ages: 2-7

Increasing Your Family's Fruit and Vegetables

2 page handout for parents that gives tips on how to increase their family and, in particular, their child's fruit and vegetable intake.
Published: Feb 21, 2013
Grades: PreK-5
Ages: 3-13

How To Pick Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in Season

Want to know what fruits and vegetables are in season? Here are great tip sheets for buying fresh fruits and vegetables.
Published: Jul 14, 2011
Grades: 2-5
Ages: 8-13
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