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Fun Activities Ideas


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Turning off the TV is not so hard if you have alternative activities for children to do.

To raise and active and healthy child, it is recommended that you limit screen time to 2 hours or less.  

Here is a list of our alternative activities 
  • promote family time
  • promote the fun of being active
  • offer ideas for indoor and outdoor activities

List of Fun Activities For Children To Do When You Turn Off The TV

  1. Take an outing to a local farmers market to teach kids about where their food comes from. See what fruits and vegetables are in season.
  2. Gear up the bikes and map out a nice trail ride that emphasizes the beautiful outdoors.
  3. Get laced up with sneakers and play classic favorites such soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, football, volleyball or even Frisbee.
  4. Invite the neighborhood kids to play in an organized game or set up a family night with all the kids and adults.
  5. Go exploring outside in the backyard or nearest state park. Strike an interest by picking up some library books on nature topics to learn more about plants, insects, and birds.
  6. Play a word game and keep your family's mind sharp! Try and have kids name a fruit or vegetable that begins with each letter of the word Christmas?
  7. Some of the best gifts are free. Make a special gift of your time for a loved one. Just print the Gift of Time coupons and fill in a special activity!
  8. Dance to music
  9. Talk around the table and share memories
  10. Help bake a favorite dish
  11. Play Nerf Ball
  12. Put together race car tracks & race your cars
  13. Do puzzles or build with blocks, Legos or Lincoln Logs
  14. Play board games or play cards
  15. Make a scrapbook of your favorite memories
  16. Put on a play
  17. Hiking
  18. Play with puppets
  19. Make up a new family game
  20. Go for a family walk
  21. Draw with sidewalk chalk
  22. Water the garden
  23. Play Charades
  24. Learn a magic trick
  25. Decorate your room
  26. Sing songs
  27. Make A Campsite In Your Backyard
  28. Run like a gorilla.
  29. Play Tag Or Marco Polo
  30. Play Catch With A Baseball
  31. Skateboard
  32. Play With Your Pets
  33. Build A Fort
  34. Go To The Batting Cage
  35. Play Miniature Golf
  36. Climb A Pole
  37. Rollerskate Or Rollerblade
  38. Play Dodgeball
  39. Start a new hobby
  40. Clean out your closet and donate the extra stuff
  41. Play with your favorite toys
  42. Plant seeds in paper cups
  43. Jump rope
  44. Throw a Frisbee
  45. Fly a kite
  46. Enjoy a playground at a school or a park
  47. Wheel barrel races
  48. Go To The Park
  49. Practice Your Cartwheels
  50. Play tag
  51. Go bowling
  52. Play volleyball
  53. Ride Your Bike
  54. Kick A Soccer Ball
  55. Write a letter to our troops
  56. Play Hopscotch
  57. Batting cages
  58. Cut and paste shapes with construction paper
  59. Take turns reading a story
  60. Make shapes with playdough
  61. Color pictures
  62. Finger paint a picture
  63. Learn a musical instrument




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