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Food Allergy Tips


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Food allergies are a serious condition that affects over 2 million children in the US alone.  If you suspect your child may have food allergies, please contact your physician right away.

Here is a list of our tips to help parents or caregivers of children who have food allergies.  Our tips provide 
  • suggestions for families with children who have food allergies
  • tips for teaching children who may be around children who have food allergies
  • information about food allergies

List of Tips For Parenting Children Who Have Food Allergies

  1. Common food that cause allergies: dairy, soy, shellfish, wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, egg whites.
  2. If you suspect a food allergy, have your child checked by a health care provider.
  3. Teach kids not to swap foods. 1 out of 17 kids have food allergies.




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