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Fiber is an important part of a child's diet.  We know that most children do not eat enough fiber in their diet.

My Plate reminds us that a healthy plate has half of the grains section of the My Plate coming from 100% whole grain foods and half of the plate filled with fruits and vegetables that are usually higher in fiber.  But sometimes getting your child to eat higher fiber foods can be challenging.  
Here is a list of helpful tips that
  • give you ideas on how to get your child to eat more high fiber foods
  • provide easy recipe and meal tips for adding more high fiber foods to the meal
  • give you suggestions on how to choose higher fiber foods

List of Tips To Help Kids Eat Meals Higher In Fiber

  1. Eat at least two 100% whole-wheat food today such as whole wheat pita bread or mini bagels.
  2. Try leaving the peal on an apple for more fiber.
  3. Look for the words "100% whole" when buying whole wheat or whole grains.
  4. Look for whole grain cereals and breads with at least 4 gram of fiber.
  5. Fiber needs water to work!
  6. High fiber diets are great to help maintain or lose weight for the whole family.
  7. Choose lean-meats and fat-free hot dogs on whole grain buns.
  8. Brown rice or whole-wheat pasta has more nutrients and fiber than their white counterparts. Replace white rice, bread and pasta with brown rice and whole grain products.
  9. Insoluable fiber helps your chid's tummy work.
  10. High fiber foods include beans, whole grain breads and fresh fruits and vegetables.
  11. Raspberries and blackberries have only 60 calories in one cup and are both excellent sources of fiber.
  12. Soluable fiber helps lower your cholesterol.
  13. Black beans are a better choice because they have less fat than refried beans
  14. Fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables are a good source of fiber.




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