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Grocery Shopping Tips


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Our goal is to help families have a positive and very healthy experience at the supermarket.  Healthy eating starts with purchasing healthy foods..  The supermarket offers an opportune time to help children how to compare and select healthy foods. 

Here is a list of our tips that
  • give suggestions on how to compare foods
  • provide practical ideas for shopping on a budget
  • give fun suggestions on how to include the kids in healthy food choices

List of Tips To Promote Healthy Food Choices At the Grocery Store

  1. Make a shopping list of all the foods you need and have your kids help.
  2. Look for the words "100% whole" when buying whole wheat or whole grains.
  3. Cheese is about 30 percent cheaper in the dairy isle than at the deli counter.
  4. Have your children find as many different colors of vegetables in the grocery store.
  5. Look for whole grain cereals and breads with at least 4 gram of fiber.
  6. Avoid foods with trans fat (you can find it in the food label).
  7. Help your kids eat healthier by stocking your pantry with healthy snacks high in fiber and vitamins but low in sugar and fat.
  8. Teach kids to read food labels and see what is really inside their foods by doing a scavenger hunt in the cupboards.
  9. Choose and prepare foods with less salt. Most adults and children consume more sodium (salt) than their body needs.
  10. Keep nutritious, wholesome foods in the house for a quick summer snack.
  11. Food labels are a great way to learn how some foods are better for you than others.
  12. Take a trip to the farmers market and choose fresh fruits and vegetables that are firm, ripe and unblemished.
  13. Look for fruit packed in its own juices or light syrup.
  14. Let the kids help put the fruit or vegetable into the grocery cart.
  15. Teach them how fruits and vegetables gives us clues on how ripe they are.
  16. Take an outing to a local farmers market to teach kids about where their food comes from. See what fruits and vegetables are in season.
  17. While shopping for food, check out the sell by dates to make sure they are current.
  18. Take your children to the grocery store to help you shop for food. Have them choose one new fruit or vegetable to try each week.
  19. Ask them “What is this banana telling us?” “Is it ready to eat yet?” “Should we pick that bunch?”
  20. Select your cold foods last so they ll stay cold until you get home and prevent food illness.
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Friday, Apr 27, 2012 @ 10:45 AM

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los ninos les encanta poder ayudar y aprender de como alimentarnos mejor y saludable
Wednesday, Sep 11, 2013 @ 09:30 AM

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