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Learning About The Vegetable Food Group

Maggie LaBarbera • RN, MBA • Sep 12, 2012

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What Is The Vegetable Group

The vegetable group is made up of all vegetables and this includes vegetable juice that is 100% vegetable juice. Some vegetables you can eat raw while other vegetables require some cooking before eating.  If the peel is edible, there is usually lots of fiber and nutrients in the peel, even if it is cooked.

Note:  Tomatoes are actually fruits but we list them under vegetables to keep in line with the USDA categories.


Ways To Purchase Vegetables

Vegetables can be bought in different ways.  You can find vegetables fresh invegetable grocery shoppping the produce section or you can buy it in cans, jars, and frozen packages.

Vegetables are great in any way, the most important point is to eat them, plenty of them.

Vegetables come is such a large variety that you and your family have lots of choices. 

Many fresh vegetables can be eaten raw. Eating fresh vegetables is the most natural way to eat them and get all the vitamins and minerals.  Some of the nutrients can be lost during the cooking process.  

Canned or jar vegetables is another way to get your vegetable servings for the day.  Canned vegetables usually contain already cooked vegetables so it can be a quick addition to any meal.  Sometimes canned vegetables can have added salt (also called sodium).  Check the label.

Frozen vegetables are found in the freezer section of the supermarket and allows you to get vegetables that may not be in season.  Some nutrients can be lost overtime when kept frozen too long so check the expiration dates on packages

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Written by Maggie LaBarberaWritten on Sep 12, 2012Last updated on Feb 11, 2015




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