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Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

Anne Kolker • MS, Registered Dietitian • Sep 28, 2011
holiday eating healthy foods for childrenIt's the holidays and you have lots of gift shopping to do.  There are special people in your life that you want to give a little something to say thank you.  
For many of us, that gift will be some holiday dessert, snack basket or homemade baked goods.   Why not do something a little different this year and give gifts that are non-food items. Things like books, Hallmark eCards, and shoes are some easy gifts that everyone will appreciate.  It is a great way to show children to be appreciative of special people in their lives without using food as a way to say thank-you.

Promote a Healthy Holiday Season By Giving Neighbors And Friends Non-Food Items.

non food item gift giving for the holidays


Here are some gift giving ideas that are low in cost and money!

  • Instead of making cookies or fudge this year for your neighbors and friends, create cards such as “thank you” cards. Your kids can help create the cards using blank cards and fun stickers available at scrap booking shops, Target, and the like. The kids can write “Handmade” on the back with their name.
  • You may want to talk to your neighbors or office mates if you usually exchange gifts and come up with alternatives to candy and baked goods. Perhaps just collecting $5.00 from everyone and donating to a food bank. Your kids can donate from their allowance thus making them more aware of the giving spirit.
  • Make hand made dough ornaments and have the kids help.
  • A small water bottle is a great gift and very handy when exercising!
  • Apps for phones are now available easily.  You can find a daily exercise tracker or pedometer for free or as low as .99 cents. 
  • Seed packets to plant some vegetables and fruits.
  • Fresh herbs like basil, oregano and bay leaf in basket.
  • Gift of time certificates offering to help with some special neighborhood project.
  • Still feel like giving a gift of food? Try simple things like a box of tea or take a jar and fill it up with lowfat hot chocolate mix. Wrap a ribbon around it and a small card with directions.
  • Nuts and edible seeds are very healthy gifts.  You can make your own basket with an assortment.










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Written by Anne KolkerWritten on Sep 28, 2011Last updated on Dec 06, 2015




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