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Pediatrician Guidelines for Healthy Beverages for Children

Maggie LaBarbera • RN, MBA • Jun 14, 2012

Beverages are part of a child's healthy meal plan.  Healthy beverages can quench their thirst and provide added nutrition.  But there are so many beverages on the market that are promoted for children.

Here are some guidelines from the American Academy Of Pediatrics:

Recommended Healthy Beverages For Children:

Drinking fluids is important for children to keep them hydrated. 

  • Water is the best drink for hydration.  Zero calories and very needed by the body.  Plain and simple.
  • Milk is a drink that is part of the My Plate Dairy group and is one way that children can get the necessary calcium and vitamin D they need to grow strong bones and teeth.
  • 100% fruit juice provides children with the nutrition from the fruit group.  Which is also important for developing and maintaining a healthy body.  But fruit juice, even 100% fruit juice, is higher in sugar. 


Sugary Beverages Should Be Limited To Once In A While

  • Tropical fruit flavored juices (not 100% fruit juice)      pediatrician guide to kids drinks
  • Flavored Sweetened Milks
  • Punch and Ades
  • Fruit flavored drinks
  • Fancy vitamin water usually higher in sugar
  • Carbonated flavored waters
  • Sodas

Beverages Should Be Avoided - Children Do Not Need These Beverages

Some of the caffeine, stimulants and chemicals added to these drinks can be harmful to children.  

  • Sports drinks
  • Energy drinks 
  • Coffee based drinks 








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Written by Maggie LaBarberaWritten on Jun 14, 2012Last updated on Oct 16, 2013




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