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How Exercise Helps Grow And Maintain Healthy Bones

Maggie LaBarbera • RN, MBA • Jul 13, 2012

Besides a diet rich in foods high in calcium and vitamin D, exercise is also a key component to increasing bone density.  But not just any exercise.  There are certain exercises that promote bone growth called weight strengthening exercises.  These type of exercises tells their body to make more bone cells creating stronger bones. 

There are two types of weight strengthening exercises:

Weight bearing exercises which are exercise that you do while standing on your feet.  Any activity your child does that causes them to work the bones and muscles of their feet and legs against gravity.  The bone adapts to the changes in impact by producing more bone cells.

Weight lifting exercises which are exercises that use weight to work the muscles and bones.  Weight lifting is a type of resistance training.  The harder the muscle has to work to move the weight, the more force is put on the bones.  The adapts to the increased force by producing more bone cells.

Get Kids Weight Bearing Exercising For Bone Health

children and healthy bones

Here are examples of weight bearing exercises that are great for children and promote bone growth.
  • hiking  
  • jumping rope
  • running
  • dancing
  • walking
  • playing basketball
  • playing basketball
  • playing tennis
  • playing soccer
  • track and field

Resistance Training

Weight lifting is not recommended for children whose bones are growing.  Check with your doctor before having your child start any weight lifting program.

Here are some examples of Resistance Exercise:
  • Weightlifting with free weights
  • Cable and pulley machines
  • Kettle bells
  • Resistance bands










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Written by Maggie LaBarberaWritten on Jul 13, 2012Last updated on Aug 27, 2013




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