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WIC changes gets parents buying healthier dairy choices

Posted on Nov 15, 2013 by Maggie LaBarbera

Great news!  New study is finding that WIC (women, infants and children) households are buying fewer full fat dairy products.

This study, conducted by Yale Rudd Center for Food and Policy, looked at familes over a two-year period.  They looked at their buying habits before and after significant changes were made in the program.  The program was modified to be more in line with the 2010 dietary recommendations for Americans.

The program changed to allow whole milk only for children under 2 years of age while pregnant women and children 2 years or older were allowed to WIC for milk that had 2% or less fat.

Before the change in WIC policy (when moms could buy any type of milk) whole milk purchases represented about 57% of total purchases and 56% of WIC purchases.

After the change, whole milk purchases were on only 33% of total purchases and 25% of WIC purchases.

Cheese allowances were also restricted.  Cheese consumption by WIC recipients declined 77%.

This is good news.  This program is a wonderful program that helps women with children get enough calcium and vitamin D in their diet to build strong bones and teeth.  It is about time that the program aligned itself with healthy eating habits. 

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