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Family Nutrition: Kids Cereals Still High in Sugar

Posted on Oct 15, 2008 by Maggie LaBarbera

Consumer Report has released a report about the nutrition of cereals.

Here is what they reported:

  • that some of the most sugary cereals, over 40% and over 50% in sugar, are heavily marketing to kids
Are we surprised to find that the high sugar foods are marketing to kids? Please. All you have to do is what in a grocery store and see the cereals that are eye level to know. Look at a box and
  • read the sugar content per bowl of cereal
  • read the ingredients and see what is first or second. (FYI: Ingredients are listed in order of amount. First item is the biggest item in the food)
finally, just turn on the kids channel and see what foods are being advertised. We aren't surprised. What we need to know is how do we combat it. How do we get our kids to choose the healthier cereal? The one with more fiber and less sugar.

Well, a great deal is really in your control. You and your child could be sleuths when you enter the cereal aisle. Take a little time to read the labels and compromise on a tasty buy healthy cereal. They are out there. Probably on bottom or way up top.

Here is a great tutorial on reading food labels, one for parents, and a food label game for kids.





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