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Is your child getting enough zzzz's

Posted on Oct 10, 2008 by Maggie LaBarbera

I remember in nursing school, studying about the importance of sleep. But we don't really need a study to tell us that a good night sleep is important. A good night sleep is helps a child do better in school. We know this. We know this because when we don't get a good night sleep, we are tired, we have trouble concentrating and sometimes irritable, less patient.

So although I usually focus on nutrition and acitivty, I want to remind parents that even though it is that time of the year when all the new shows are starting, kids need to get to bed a reasonable hour. It's important so they can feel good in the morning and are bright-eyed, ready to learn.

So how much sleep does your child need?

Answer: For the average grade school child, he or she needs between 9 to 11 hours of sleep.

To ensure your child gets the sleep they need, you have to work backwards.

What time do they have to be at school?

How much time does it take to eat breakfast, dress and groom for school?

Don't forget the commute time

Factoring these morning time activities, you know what time they have to get up. So now count 9-11 hours backwards and that should be their bedtime. Happy zzz's





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