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Do you know what your child's buying for you can.

Posted on Sep 15, 2008 by Maggie LaBarbera

Here is an interesting new use of technology called MealpayPlus. Los Angeles Unified School District is using this new software technology. Essentially, it allows parents to log in and see what their child is buying for lunch. Parents can add money to their child's account, flag certain foods in their child's diet, such as with food allergies.

I imagine, it is some kind of card, almost like an ATM card that kids use to pay for their meals and it automatically tracks what is being bought. It gives parents a certain amount of control and visibility to what their child is buying and how they are spending their money.

Of course, the flip side is maybe that is too much control. Maybe kids need some independence to learn how to make decisions and take some responsibility over their food choices.

Not sure, yet, what I think about it. My kids are too old for this. What do you think?





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