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Video playing may help kids problem solving skills

Posted on Sep 12, 2008 by Maggie LaBarbera

 We often here about the downside of video play. We all realize that sitting for many hours in front of a TV or in front of a computer or video console is not healthy for a child's body. They need activity everyday. But that does not mean it is completely bad. We know that kids need to sit down and focus to learn new material,  like nutrition.

I have always believed that the video game world is a good medium to use to reach out to children and teach them important topics in a way that is meaningful and engaging to them. If you can't keep their attention, it is hard to teach them something.

So I was very glad to see this new research that showed some benefits to video gaming. The recent convention of the American Psychology Association also presented on the potential benefits of video play as a learning source. It may be enhance a child's cognitive and perceptual skills as well as their dexterity.

Video games have been around for over ten years now. I remember buying Math Blaster to help my daughter improve her math skills. There are a great deal of specialists in this market especially when trying to develop educationally sound, age appropriate video games.

This article on problem solving skills during video game play does a nice job of summing up some recent studies showing the benefits of certain kinds of video play.



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Tuesday, Sep 16, 2008 @ 02:13 AM

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Research shows that kids who have TV in bedrooms score lower in Maths and language arts test than children without bedroom TVs. A rise in attention problems and difficulty in reading is found among kids who watch more than 3 hours of television and fail in intelligence test!

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