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National Childhood Obesity Month - Free Online Information and Tools for Parents, Schools and Communities

Posted on Sep 08, 2010 by Maggie LaBarbera

National Childhood Obesity Month  |  Childhood Obesity Resources

It's National Childhood Obesity Month, this is the first year we as a nation have a month devoted to raising awareness and sharing strategies to fight childhood obesity.

The Presidential Proclamation states, "One of the greatest responsibilities we have as a Nation is to safeguard the health and well-being of our children.  We now face a national childhood obesity crisis, with nearly one in every three of America's children being overweight or obese.  There are concrete steps we can take right away as concerned parents, caregivers, educators, loved ones, and a Nation to ensure that our children are able to live full and active lives.  During National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, I urge all Americans to take action to meet our national goal of solving the problem of childhood obesity within a generation." Read more >First National Childhood Obesity Month

We are excited to announce a brand new area of the website launched this month, devoted to helping parents of overweight and obese children. Created especially for families who are challenged by childhood obesity the new area is packed with nutrition information, wellness tools, strategies and tips for promoting healthy diets and being active.

Childhood obesity effects many families and we are here to support them.  Teachers, organization and communities utilize our nutrition handouts, family wellness articles, nutrition lesson plans, worksheets, and our USDA Food Pyramid based nutrition education tools and games. We have over 25 online games and tools available in English or Spanish.

Nourish Interactive's website provides free online nutrition education tools, healthy eating articles and resources for parents, teachers, health care professional and communities. The entire site is designed to make learning fun and to promote taking small steps to improve nutrition for children. We have matching information, tips and tools designed for both parents and children, so the whole family can work as team to eat healthier and be physically active.

The website is free so that all children and families have access to learn and play. Sign up for free membership to get access to our featured game, "Chef Solus and the Food Pyramid Adventure Game" a 7 level interactive flash game that teaches kids about the Food Pyramid, eating healthy and balancing food and energy needs. Learn more about our nutrition games for children Nourish Interactive - The Fun Way to Learn About Nutrition!

We believe that prevention through early nutrition education is the best treatment. Understanding nutrition at a young age will give children the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy choices throughout their lives.  We have grown to over 40,000 parent members and 4,00o organization that use our nutrition education tools.

Many cities, organizations, schools and websites that link to and share our free nutrition education learning platform with their members and visitors. Showcase of sites that promote our website. National Childhood Obesity Month is a great time to spread the word and let your family, friends, community and your child's school know about our free bilingual website!

You can help spread the word, by sharing a link on your website, blog or social network or print a website flyer or family nutriton tip sheet

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The National Council on Childhood Obesity Awareness Month encourages individuals and organizations to do whatever they can to build understanding of the causes and implications of childhood obesity and to earnestly seek solutions to stem the epidemic. While the focus now is on September as National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, the effort must be sustained and widespread, according to organizers. Read more > Childhood Obesity Month

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