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Be active for short periods and teach kids there is always time for exercise!

Posted on Nov 27, 2009 by Maggie LaBarbera

It is the day after Thanksgiving! There is always so much focus on foods during this time of the year that I don't want to forget about activity. That is the other half of the equation and so important for kids, (really for all of us!)

Use the fact that the kids are out of school for a couple of days to be active together. Eating healthy as a family is just part of keeping healthy during the holiday season. Exercise can help de-stress and energize everyone during the cold months.

Sometimes, during such a busy season, we think that we just don't have time to do some activity. That is because we are thinking to "big", so the time commitment seems overwhelming.

Even if you do just a 15 minute walk with your children and that would count, and it would help kids learn that there is always a little time for activity. Keep it simple and take small steps. Ir really all adds up!

Finally, take this holiday time to find some time to relax and enjoy the kids – play board or card games. We get into such a rush with things to do, it is important and healthy to bond with your kids – and that is what the holidays are all about.

Here is a list of ideas for indoor and outdoor activities that the kids can do to be active.

Set some simple goals for activity (15 minutes at a time!)

Track your child's activity time with our fun and cute activity tracking sheet.





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